Geography and Notable Features

Myr is the a large moon that orbits the planet Kyne. Its small nature means that the force of gravity on Myr is noticeably smaller than on Kyne, leading its flora and fauna to typically be taller than their planetary counterparts. Myr is known to consist of one main continent and two oceans, The Roaring Breach and The Sea at Our Backs. The Roaring Breach is surmised to be considerably larger than the the landmass of Myr. Tidal forces on Myr are known to be considerably stronger than on Kyne, causing rough seas and enormous coastal waves. Many archipelagos and smaller islands dot the moon's surface, but are largely clustered around the edges of the main continent.

People and Regions

The continent of Myr is divided into six states: The Reaver Isles, The Myrian Confederacy, Amber Run, The Perlan Empire, The Starshot Empire, and The Independent Alliance.

Many races and peoples populate Myr. These range from dwarves, men, elves, fae, gnomes, haflings, and other races.

Connections to Kyne

Myr is known to have five distinct "portals" which connect to its orbiting planet, Kyne. Travel is limited in one direction, from Kyne to Myr. It is unknown whether transportation can be accomplished from Myr to Kyne. The explanation for how this magical travel occurs is also unknown.

Four of these portals are known to reside inside the hearts of The Reaver Isles, The Myrian Confederacy, Amber Run, and The Independent Alliance. The location of the fifth portal was, until recently, unknown. Recent information uncovered by a group of magical adventurers has determined its location somewhere along the Flamebreak Sea.